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FAQ - Frequently asked Questions
  • Q. Can I change the car I have entered?
    A. Yes you can as long as it's a KTG Holden and you notify the club via email.
  • Q. Can I change or add to my Merchandise Order?
    A. Yes you can as long as long you notify the club via email of ang changes. 
  • Q. Can anyone attend this event?
    A. If you have entered your KTG or have purchase a day pass your all good to attend. We only discrininate against Ford drivers :)
  • Q. my car isn't registered yet and the entry form asks for my REGO, what do I do?
    A. Type in TBA - to be advised and email us that info later.
  • Q. what if the answer to my question is not here?
    A. Use the contact form below or ask on our Facebook page & one of our freindly members will help you out.
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